Hitting the Wall, Then Scaling the Heights


The M1 Wall is Real. You’ll Probably Have to Climb It.


  • Taking the med ed bull by the horns in a purposeful way will get your through one of the toughest moments.
  • Given any definition of “success,” a medical student who succeeds in medical school engages “like they paid for it.”
  • The definition of “success” doesn’t necessarily include honors grades or high scores. If you choose what it means, you will succeed!

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You can choose your metric for success!

After hearing of a student’s struggles with the M1 wall–that point students get to when they’re exhausted, questioning their choices, and worrying how they’re going to get through this–got Dave thinking about the various ways medical school challenges the psyche. Whether it’s suddenly bumping up against ones’ limits, realizing some disturbing aspects of the hidden curriculum, or grappling with doubt, medical school is a real beast.

It’s not uncommon to feel alone when you hit the wall. Everyone around you looks cool…but are they really? When you decide to open up about your struggles, what if no one reciprocates? And in a world where not everyone is above the very-high mean, what does it mean to be below average? MD/PhD students Aline Sandouk and Miranda Schene, M3 Nick Lind, and M1 Eric Boeshart have all run into the wall, and are on today’s show to tell the tale.

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