The Med Student Humblebrag

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Those things? I’m sure they’re not important….Photo by techbint

This time, Greg Woods, Aline Sandouk, Ethan Craig, Kaci McCleary, and Cole Cheney talk about the medical student humblebrag, as well as the score-comparison conversations that happen after exams, this despite the common reassurance from administrators and professors that these scores aren’t the most important thing about one’s medical school experience.  Also, guys, is smoking deleting your Y chromosome? Might want to think about that, too.  Why are internal medicine and ER docs not giving patients with anaphylactic shock epinephrine?  Flu vaccine rates are abysmal.  Plastic surgeons note an increase in surgery requests due to social media.  A man regains his sense of smell after getting hit in the nose with a rugby ball, and immediately saves bystanders from a gas leak.  A surgeon at the University of Washington is helping med students understand what conditions feel like to the touch using unconventional materials like lentils and clay balls.  And the University of Texas loses a collection of brains.

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