Halloween Bro Cast

beard contest photo
Behold! The beard of peace. Photo by Lamerie

This week’s show, featuring Cole Cheney, Willis Hong, Lisa Wehr, and Matt Maves, was recorded on Halloween so just pretend it’s a week ago.  Lisa couldn’t stay for the whole thing—she had to leave for a test—and without her moderating influence the show turned into a bro-cast. Cole isn’t happy with Ebola-quarantined Maine nurse Kaci Hickox and her bike rides while quarantined, but Dave argues that perhaps nurses are pushing back against the political maneuverings of certain governors in public health issues, and the blame that the CDC and the media have been putting on them for the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital’s handling of the Eric Duncan’s Ebola fiasco. Also, JAMA Dermatology reports that top colleges and universities feature tanning beds as a lure for students.  Scientists create adorable, tiny stomachs to study the the tummy.  More scientists create less adorable but nevertheless tiny male reproductive organs for rabbit bros, getting us closer to the production of complex solid organs.  CT-scans verify that chronic fatigue syndrome has a basis in the structures of the brain.  Cole’s beard, which is notably full and lush in recent weeks, has been declared ‘not very peaceful’ by his hothouse yoga instructor, who doesn’t understand bros, I guess. And a proposal for the Medicine and Society course’s Wellness Passport component comes from research that bros who have more than 20 partners have reduced risk of prostate cancer.

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