A Med School “cocktail” party


[This episode has some background sound, which maybe some listeners find annoying. Look for the second version, which has none of that. –Dave]

Come to our weird, casual get-together.

  • Dave hosts a weird cocktail party for his co-hosts, M1s Fallon Jung and Taryn O’Brian, MD/PhD student Jacquelyn Nielson, and M3 Chirayu Shukla.
  • The group dives into a variety of topics: surreal dreams, spring break plans, which celebrity they would replace one of their organs with, book recommendations, personal stories, and AI-generated songs about Menards and Chirayu’s curtailed tennis career.

AI song lyrics

A Podcaster at Heart

I’m an administrative services coordinator
But my heart’s on the mic,
a podcast connoisseurIn a cubicle,
with paperwork piled high
But all I wanna do is let my voice fly

I got responsibilities, emails to send
But my mind’s on the episodes I haven’t penned
I sneak in headphones, catchin’ up on my faves
Dreamin’ ’bout the day I’ll be podcastin’ my own ways (ooh-yeah)

[Chorus]I’m a podcaster at heart
Living for those podcastin’ vibes, it’s an art
While spreadsheets stack up,
I’m in my own zone
Dreamin’ ’bout the day when podcastin’ is my throne

The Jig of the Horse Loving Medic

Oh, I’m a medical student, learnin’ day and night
But when I’m not studyin’, I’ve got a different delight
I love horses, they bring me so much joy
And Menards, oh Menards, it’s like a superstore of toys

[Chorus]I take long walks down every aisle at Menards (oh yeah)
From the lumber to the paint, it’s never too hard (woo!)
With a bounce in my step, and a twinkle in my eye (uh-huh)
I’m a horse-loving medic, livin’ life on a high (woo!)

No Regrets

[Verse] We don’t care ’bout the grades, don’t need no A’s
Livin’ fast, we’re in a disobedient phase
Don’t care ’bout the cash or the future ahead
We’re just here for the punk rock, not the life we’re fed (ooh-yeah)

[Chorus] No regrets, we don’t give a damn
Breakin’ all the rules, stickin’ it to the man
No regrets, we live on the edge
Skipping class, punk rock is what we pledge

Medicine or Tennis

In the dead of night,
I’m stuck in time,
Torn between two paths,
My heart’s on the line,

A love for medicine.
The field is my callin’
but the court’s my passion.

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