In Med School We Trust. or not.


When should med students trust their school…and when should they push back?

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Med students sometimes find it difficult to trust their school will get them through this ordeal of learning medicine.  Sometimes you’re taught things that seem less than useful.  Sometimes your professors or administrators don’t seem to understand what’s at stake for you.  Sometimes the rules and procedures are puzzling.  When should you trust the system, and when should you push back?  To help him with this topic Dave talks to M1s Rick Gardner, AJ Chowdhury, and Eric Boeshart;  and M4 Holly Conger. They discuss times when trust was warranted (turns out the Kreb’s cycle really does have clinical applications), and when to push back if something needs fixing.

Plus, Dave and the crew visit the saddest place on the Internet to practice answering real medical questions: Yahoo! Answers.

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