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From Problem to Publication


The process of “doing research” is a methodical slog

  • AJ has finished up some interventional radiology research and gotten it published recently. He and Daniel, Jeff, and Mallory–who’ve all been down that road–walk Dave through the research process, step by step.
  • The crew discusses how they’ve found a problem to examine, done the background lit searches, gotten approval from the ethics watchdogs, collected data, written it up, and submitted the finished research to a journal.
  • Plus, Dave gives everyone a pop quiz on the latest fascinating research from some random website he found–research you can USE, though you might want to ask someone before you start sniffing their pits.

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Swipe right for surgeons, swipe left for psychiatrists


Swipe left, SWIPE LEFT! Photo by Fabi-DE

This time, Greg Woods, Lisa Wehr, Aline Sandouk, and Cole Cheney react to the latest news from Duke University on former HHMI cancer researcher Anil Potti‘s disgrace: that, contrary to what Duke said when the data-and-CV-falsification scandal broke in 2010, there was a whistleblower…and it was a medical student, who’d warned them in 2008. Bravery, money, Barbara Streisand, prestige, ego, fear…all these things come into play when researchers falsify, and when institutions cover it up.
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