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Bonus: Tropical Medicine is Saving the World, ft. Karen Goraleski


The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

tropical medicine photoThe ASTMH is a sprawling organization, and for good reason.  As CEO Karen Goraleski says, it’s a big tent.  And with all the disciplines needed to fight emerging infectious diseases like Leishmaniasis and other neglected tropical diseases, from veterinary medicine to ecology to entomology to logistics–it’s no wonder.

With University of Iowa College of Public Health epidemiology student Kurayi Mahachi, this bonus episode explores the job of eliminating the world’s most difficult to treat diseases–infectious or otherwise–and why Americans must not shrug it off as someone else’s problem but join the fight.

Also, pre-medicine and med students take note:  TropMed is the ASTMH’s yearly conference, and it sounds very friendly, and at $15 it’s a ridiculous bargain for those looking to explore this fascinating, world-saving effort as a career.  This November, consider joining them in Maryland, just 10 miles from Washington, DC.

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Brazil’s Zika Crisis

Dr. Selma Jeronimo
Dr. Selma Jeronimo

Zika has been in the news, if you haven’t noticed, as a neglected tropical disease which has been linked to a frightening surge in birth defects in Central and South America.  The response to Zika is going to depend upon the science–which is very much up in the air–along with  economic and cultural factors.  Chief among those are huge income disparities, population complexities, and limits on access to family planning options.  On today’s episode, Ellie Ginn, Marielle Meurice, Kevo Rivera, and Jessica Waters meet up with one of the researchers who is fighting this bug.  Dr. Selma Jeronimo isn’t a household name in the US, but she is becoming one in her home country of Brazil.  She is the director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Rio Grande do Norte, and a professor of biochemistry and medicine at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Natal.  Her job is investigating Brazil’s endemic diseases.  Continue reading Brazil’s Zika Crisis