What They Don’t Tell You About Med School, But Should.


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Is medical school your dream?  Good!  But remember: the journey is uncertain, expensive, and bumpy. Luckily, The Short Coat Podcast comes to you each and every week, is totally free, and most important: our student co-hosts tell you what it’s really like, from the first year to the last, and beyond.  More…

What’s it like to be a medical student?

medical students photo
Photo by Shafiu Hussain

Since 2010, the students at the University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine have chipped away at that question.  Studying’s important, blah, blah, but we’d prefer to do it while laughing, thinking, and having fun along the way.

The Short Coat Podcast is about remembering that the social aspects of medicine and medical education, and the people that make our work interesting, are just as important as the science and the test scores.  It can be a place for the party line, and a place for the counter-narrative.  It’s about whatever you want it to be about.  Whether you’re already in med school, or thinking about applying, we’re here to let you in on the secrets, the fun bits, the challenges, and the frustrations.

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An honest guide to the amazing and intense world of medical school.