Who We Are


The Short Coat Podcast is produced by the Writing and Humanities Program at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and features an ever-changing cadre of medical student co-hosts. In addition to those amazing people, the folks below help put together the show each week. Some of the information below may be accurate.

Dave Etler, Producer & Host

Dave is a long-time employee of the University of Iowa, and founded the Short Coat in August of 2010. Some believe he was allowed to do so because “idle hands do the devil’s work, if you know what I mean,” as one co-worker put it. So many years later it still isn’t clear whether this was wise. His actual job seems to involve moving electrons from one place to another for the Office of Student Affairs Deans and for the Writing and Humanities Program. Most people wouldn’t be interested in the particulars. Indeed, many are quite unsure what he does aside from the podcast.

Alex Belzer, Marketing Coordinator

Alex is pretty Dutch, and wears round glasses. A recent survey suggested that many feel this is all they need to know about him, but he is a creature of magnificent depths which are usually hidden by a serious expression. He grew up in Davenport, Iowa, and graduated with dual bachelors of science degrees in chemistry and mathematics from the University of Iowa. No information is available on whether or not he has a distinct odor.

AJ Chowdhury, Editor

AJ graduated from Christopher Newport University with dual bachelor of science degrees in Molecular Biology and Psychology. Until recently the owner of a fine beard and mustache combo, he got rid of it without warning, probably for a lady because that’s how these things happen when you’re young. He enjoys grafting shrubs and trees to produce hybridized abominations, and interpretive dancing.

Eric Boeshart, Editor

Eric graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa, then earned his masters degree in Biomedical Science from Iowa State University. As a result of the football rivalry between the two schools, he hates himself. Eric grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota, a community of misshapen carnies located outside of Minneapolis. He recently took possession of AJ’s facial hair.

An honest guide to the amazing and intense world of medical school.