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Shocking betrayals, sure fire blindness, niche community drama


It’s a freestyle episode, come have some fun!

  • Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and have a rambling conversation. That’s this episode, with MD/PhD students Madi Wahlen and Sahaana Arumugam and M3s Jacob Hansen and Jacob Lam.
  • We discuss the non-weighty topics of why people don’t know they shouldn’t stare at a ball of fusion in the sky, niche online community drama, a Texas transplant surgeon accused of manipulating transplant lists, everyday things that might not be things someday, why Dave doesn’t yet want an electric vehicle, the co-hosts plans for their futures beyond seeing patients, and so much more that is barely relevant to medical school.
  • If you don’t like this kind of episode, do we have a solution for you!

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A Tasty Treat


popDave rewards his podcasters with a tasty treat. Though this may be a new definition of the words ‘tasty’ and ‘treat’ of which Marc Toral, Dylan Todd, Emily White, and newbie Alex Volkmar were previously unaware. And as a special bonus, we offer lots of lovely lip smacking sounds for our listeners.
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Stoking and Stroking

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head transplant photo
Please don’t call it a head transplant… Photo by madnzany

Aline Sandouk shares her secret to stoking the fires of studying, in which bombastic music plays a part, which is great so long as it doesn’t cross the line into wanting to go to war or whatever. John Pienta adds a little class by mentioning philosophers whose names Dave can’t remember but which were nonetheless on fleek. Terrence Wong thinks happiness is overrated, and the rest of the team–Nathan Miller, and Kaci McCleary–seems to be more or less on board with that, perhaps saying something about how everyone’s week went.
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